Julia Williams

Abstract: Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing – Dire depictions of animals in children’s media

The use of animals as characters in children’s books and films have always been an extremely popular mode of telling stories, as is evident from ancient fairy tale lore right up to Ice Age 4. Although effective at captivating the imaginations of young minds, the way in which certain animal species are portrayed in these stories is often overlooked, as well as the long term consequence of such casting. Entire animal species are heavily stereotyped – both negatively and positively, for instance, the cute and cuddly bears, sly and suspicious snakes, noble lions, and the big bad wolf. My thesis will explore what effect constant repetitive stereotyping of archetypal characters, in particular the villain, may potentially have in framing young minds to view certain whole animal species later on as adults, and the consequences for those animals.

Julia is now

Sustainability Coordinator at Ingleby Farms & Forests A/S