Claire Clements

Claire and Sean made a film exploring what is known of the mysterious migration of the Hutton’s Shearwater – knowledge essential for the protection of this little known seabird.

A Shear Mystery

New Zealand’s highest nesting seabird is faster than a cheetah, breeds in a burrow and every year leaves New Zealand and flies away for the winter.

The bird is only found in New Zealand and has just 2 breeding colonies high in the Seaward Kaikoura Ranges. The hutton’s shearwater is classified as endangered and the race is on to protect these last 2 vital breeding colonies. But to do this properly, conservation workers and the Hutton’s Shearwater Charitable Trust must find out where these birds go every year…

This film follows this story and uncovers one of New Zealand’s greatest migration mysteries…

where do they go?