Students: Past & Present

Current PhD students:

Sally CarsonTurning the Tide of Citizen Science: From data donors to critical questioners in marine science

Leida Dos SantosUsing Environmental Education to prevent Further Amphibian Declines

Adele Carson – Strategies for engaging youth in environmental communications and fresh water health

Daniel Silva Luna – Varieties of awe: An assessment of awe experiences in science.

Current masters students:

Charlotte PatonPerceptions of sustainability and green-lipped mussel aquaculture

Lucy CoyleRepresenting community utilisation and perceptions of place-based marine management in Huriawa.

Gini LethamNormalising the cat conversation in New Zealand

Tegan Good– Perceiving the native biodiversity and cat relationship

Katharine Marino – Understanding marine noise pollution through participatory art

Jeremy AndersonFrom Pets to Pest: A cultural review of cats and conservation in NZ

Nicki Atkinson – Phosphate: Trap or Treasure?

Past PhD students at U. Otago:

Sunkita Howard – Applying a multidisciplinary framework for developing shark bycatch reduction

Past MSc students at U. Otago:

Guy Frederick – The Influence of Place: A Case Study of Antarctic Scientists

Desna Whaanga-Schollum – Taipōrutu, Taonga Tuku Iho: Articulating a Mātauranga Māori ‘Sense of Place’  [“a study bringing the Māori worldview, relational methodology & focus on Whanua in the context of science communication”]

Elsie Percival – Using art to explore the challenges of applied conservation science

Ellen Sima  – Public Perceptions of the Ocean: Understanding Values and Communicating Science

Vanessa Marshall  – Communicating marine mammal stranding science through film

Olga Khomenko – Mapping controversy in freshwater ecology

Lydia McLean  – The Importance of Antarctica: Understanding Values for Science Communication

Ali Rogers – Community co-creation within museum exhibitions

Adele Bennett – Community involvement for increased effectiveness of marine protected areas

Alex Sides – Island Views: The perception of scientific value in NZ’s Subantarctic Islands

Asher Flatt – Learning in a Critical State: The emergent complexity of learning, creativity and human culture

Tess BrosnanFinding Hope on a Planet in Crisis: Combining Citizen Science and Tourism

Alex DucklesNarrative Models for Communicating Energy Science

James Blake – An Experiment in Optimising Science Communication: The Coral Garden Project

James Muir – Framing the Farm: Perception andReality in the NZ Pastoral Landscape

Emily Gordon – Future Food: Fiction and Reality

Janelle Erikson – Truthful Medium: The subjectivity of documentary

Oscar Hunter Emotion in Natural History Film

Kyle Swann – The Image of the Scientist in Documentary: A case study of three films

Lucy Morris – What Helps Us Learn? Science Communication via Documentaries

Kimberley Collins – Tweet Your Science: An analysis of scientists using Twitter for academic communications

Joey Bania – Communication and the DSLR Aesthetic: A science and natural history filmmaking perspective

Julia Williams – A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing: Dangerous depictions of animals in children’s films and literature

Claire Clements – Birds without Borders

Lindsey Horne – Appropriating effective communication strategies from the marketing and  big business