Thinking across Dichotomy

1)     Self vs Other.

Is there no end to our fixation on dichomoties? How can we acknowledge commonalities and middle ground, whilst preserving and respecting diversity? Here we explore two examples in a sci-art project combining text and art in a commentary on self- vs non-self in human biology and ecology in the 21st century (w/ Dr Steven Katona: Worms, Germs and Sperms: Celebrating Our Shared Past and Common Future) and a parallel with the “two cultures” divide of science vs humanities.

2)     Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK) as science. 

Generally TEK/indigenous knowledge is treated as separate from scientific knowledge. Is this a false dichotomy? Are the deconstructed components of TEK and the scientific method comparable or even equitable? What are the issues of evidence (including narrative and visual) in science & how is indigenous scientific knowledge best evidenced and communicated? (Indeed, what is the role of visual/graphic information in processes of knowing/remembering across time and place and how does this contribute to traditional knowledge?) See Biodiversity Management & Culture link

  • potential collaborator in CSAFE, Otago