Research : Potential Projects

It has been said that becoming an expert means you know more and more about less and less. Much modern science focuses on developing understanding through ‘reductionism,’ i.e. studying complex systems or ideas by reducing them to a set of simpler components.  In a way, Science Communication aims to do the opposite: to step back and look at the bigger picture, to see how things fit together and recognise the ties between scientific fields, between arts and science, between science and society. To me science communication is about forging connections – connections between scientists working in different fields as well as connections between scientists and the public (and visa versa). Research doesn’t necessarily involve testing hypotheses in a laboratory, but perhaps working with scientists who do and aiming to find the strongest way to connect their research to real effects on communities and environments. -This kind of research only just getting started, which means the potential collaborations are exciting and endless!

Aesthetics and Science: Identity, Knowing, Co-creation

Paradigms in Science and their Aesthetic Drivers

Thinking Across Dichotomy