Art – Science interaction: How can we further the effect?


For a special symposium: Art – Science interaction: How can we further the effect?

XXth International Conference of the Society for Human Ecology: “Ecological Responsibility and Human Imagination” October 22 – 25 College of the Atlantic, Bar Harbor, Maine USA

Many understand the value of the arts in science thinking, creativity & education. The cross overs have been well documented from a historical perspective (e.g. many -if not all- renowned scientists have also been creatively involved in the arts). But how do we extend this appreciation more broadly? Many avenues have been tried, from platforms for facilitated collaboration at the professional level, to alternative education programmes, and festivals/public exhibitions. But still the two-culture dichotomy persists. Here we explore new/revised approaches for advancing the effect of science-art interaction. Simultaneously, we will confront related questions: can it go too far… is a degree of disciplinary boundary important?

In particular, an art – science approach has been argued as extremely effective for raising awareness about ecological issues and engaging people both widely and deeply. In keeping with broader themes of the conference we will also examine the role of art – science in ecological awareness/remediation, and tackle tricky questions of whether art can have an overt message or purpose without sacrificing creative power.

As the examples above indicate: we aim to not just celebrate art – science but to think about critical issues and hopefully find a way to expand its effect. Please join us! Email expressions of interest to