Mapping a controversy

Scientific controversy [argument] Mapping: Dissecting Paradigms.  

Visual representation and visual cognition are key to science communication, particularly when the subject matter is complex and controversial. There is an international consortium* currently developing ways to “Map Controversy” (how to represent the interplay of chronology, participants, background information, motives, geography, etc). I am interested in extending this to map (by deconstruction) conceptual paradigms in science, particularly those that are currently changing, as these present the biggest challenges for science communication. In some cases there may be no controversy among key actors and so I prefer to think of this as mapping complex science (societal, historical and aesthetics all of course being part of  science). For more preliminary mapping work see student work on my Teaching page.

* Bruno Latour and T. Venturini (Sciences Po, Paris)

  • Further opportunity may exist for mapping or providing cognitive media for SciTed talks or recent keynote address by Simon Upton, Dir. OECD, Paris (Org for Economic Co-operation & Development) (Otago Nov ’10)