Community Engaged Learning and Teaching

I am part of the  University of Otago Special Interest Group  on  Community Engaged Learning and Teaching

In my postgraduate teaching I place students working with community groups such as those linked with the East Otago Tiapure. My students also work to assess knowledge base and community interest in various socio-scientific issues, and they contribute collectively to a project increasing public empathetic understanding of climate change and ocean warming. I involve postgrad students in community-engaged research projects such as: open-space and digital dialogue for mediating controversial biodiversity issues; indigenous participatory mapping of agroecology; citizen science; sci-art and public interface (‘Soapbox for Science”) for engaging local community with Otago’s ocean health issues; open-access data & methods archiving for science outreach assessment; and representation of climate change science in the public forum. Overall, I am interested in the socio-scientific drivers of paradigm shifts – in particular how public/society influences the focus and process of science… what is in effect their “inreach” into science rather than our ever-popular “outreach”.